Briefly about REXTRA
Since the beginning of the 90s REXTRA has been attempting to make all kinds of medical items that are needed for doctors available at its shops in one place at favourable prices. In our sales network consists of 22 shops total 120 medical experts are at our customers’ disposal. Rextra is selling products of internationally well-known companies such as – among others – the German KaWe, Bosch, Riester, Soehnle, the US 3M, the Italian Fazzini and Remco Italia. REXTRA also has its own ECG paper production facility and we also produce gels to ECG and to ultrasound devices. We undertake to equip GP’s complete consulting rooms including furniture, office equipment and medical items. Our consulting engineers help our customers to find and choose the best equipment to their needs. Please contact us with your inquiries with full confidence.
Rextra Ltd.

Distribution centre: Hungary, 2000 Szentendre, Rózsa Str. 16.


Telephone: +36 (26) 309-109

Fax: +36 (26) 310-044

Cellular: +36 (20) 45-22222



ISO 9001:2008

Our company with its ISO 9001:2008 approval helps its customers to find any medical item with the best price to value ratio. We offer most of the products with immediate delivery from our warehouse. All our items are CE marked which maintenances and after sales activates in the warranty and after the warranty period are carried out by our company.

Rextra Trading Ltd.

Distribution centre for wholesalers and for export sales: Hungary, 2000 Szentendre, Rózsa Str. 16.
For retail sales please contact our shops at the above "Shops" menu.
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Postal address: Hungary, 2000 Szentendre, Rózsa Str. 16.

Customer service: Hungary, 2000 Szentendre, Rózsa Str. 16.

Contact details of Customer service: Mo-Fr.: 8-16 hours.

Customer service by phone: +36 (26) 309-109

Cellular: +36 (20) 45-22222

Fax: +36 (26) 310-044

Skype status (rextra.a.tibor): rextra.a.tibor

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